Drying for Freedom: Interview with Director Steven Lake

My interview with the director of Drying for Freedom is up at WasherDryerInfo.com. (Yes, there is a documentary about clotheslines, and perhaps just as improbably, yes, there is a website dedicated to washers and dryers, and I write for it.)

This one was pretty fun. The film has been doing the festival circuit for a while, but they haven’t locked in a distribution deal for wider release yet. I think it deserves to find a home on Netflix, alongside all the indie food documentaries—it’s done in a very similar style.

Steven, the director, told me he got the idea for the film while he was bored, fiddling around on Wikipedia—I wonder how often that happens now.


The day we did the interview was the same day as the massive manhunt for the younger Boston Marathon bombing suspect. I live about a mile from where it was going down, and spent pretty much the whole day on lockdown. The interview was a nice distraction on an otherwise really bizarre day.

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