Cheap Appliances Are All the Same, According to Junk Food

I ate eight trays of Lean Cuisine macaroni and cheese and eight bags of Orville Redenbacher popcorn in one afternoon. In the name of science.

For back-to-school season, we decided to review a few batches of small appliances at How’d we pick the products? I tried to think back to when I was moving into my first apartment in my sophomore year of college. When we needed something, we just went to whatever big-box store was close to campus and bought the cheapest version of whatever it was we were looking for.

And so, we went to Walmart, Kmart, Best Buy, and Target, and bought the cheapest mini fridges, microwaves, and electric kettles that they had. (We ordered a popular, low-cost model from each category from to round things out, too.)


What we found, basically, was that when it comes to cheap appliances, they’re basically the same, and often actually the same hardware with a different brand name.

It was most obvious among the super-cheap microwaves we tested. After we took them out of the packaging, we realized that they were all the same product, with a different name on a slightly tweaked door, with an aesthetically altered control panel.

Even so, I stuffed my face full of shitty processed foods, just to make sure they all performed equally well (and really, for your entertainment). Check it out:

Conclusion: Buy the cheap one. And if you’re ever on camera, don’t swing your arms, because you’ll look like a dumbass.

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