Police Following the Bouncing Ball?

police tech


Throwable camera balls are pretty cool—what better way to see what it’s like to be hurled through the air? A couple of startups make them, mainly for consumer applications. But Bounce Imaging wants to make a ball for police: Toss one into a sketchy crack-house, scope out the inside on your phone, and decide whether or not it’s safe to proceed. Bounce can also swap out the imaging sensors to suit needs like industrial inspectors, fire fighters…basically anything.

That’s a pretty cool product on its own. Taking a wider view of the context around a product like this, there’s some really cool stuff happening—or about to happen.

I had written a long version of this story for Reviewed.com, but only the 600-word USA Today version ever got published. (It was the last thing I turned in before I left the company, and it’s not a dishwasher review, so…I guess they didn’t think it was important?) I think I’ll be writing about this topic some more in the future.

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