Good Cheap Stuff

Ink costs a small fortune and dries up when you don’t use it. You’re probably better off with a cheap B&W laser printer. I picked one for you at The Wirecutter. If you absolutely need color or mostly plan to print photos, we have recommendations for those, too.


The best vacuum costs $450, and the least-overpriced great robot vac costs $400. But maybe this $160 Shark is more your speed. This thing is light years ahead of other affordable vacuums—works well, holds up, steers smoothly, light enough for grandma to carry up the stairs, converts into a canister-style vac…nothing really comes close, except other Shark vacuums that cost a little extra. It’s almost shocking how far behind every other affordable vac maker is. Side note: People at bars think it’s hilarious that I review vacuums, and I can’t disagree. They all also think that $150 is too expensive for an all-purpose vacuum, and I wonder who taught them how to buy things.

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